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Thursday, November 16, 2006


You need to head on over there very soon..... for 3 excellent reasons.

Number one is Jessica's FANTASTIC new collection from her Make me Eclectic questions....

Here's my first layout from this awesome kit - definitely not my last!

Journalling reads:

There is no manual for motherhood.
However, if there was one, I’m not sure if
this would have been a chapter anyway...
What to do when your child, whom you are
picking up after a rough day at work, says
you have to take three photos of his bucket
of sand. Of course, you don’t have your camera,
and are too tired to go home and get it, so
you have to take the sand home too.....

Layout created with the awesome new Make Me Eclectic collection by Jessica Bolton at ScrapbookGraphics.

Photo treated with Michelle Pearson's amazing Pop Rocks action from SBB

Fonts used are snowshoe and Linenstroke. Created in Cs2.

And the reason number 2 is, of course, for a good sale.....

Check it out!!!

And finally, if all that wasn't temptation enough, Jomi has a new kit out as well... called Gypsy Western. The papers and colours are just stunning - can't wait to get some time off to have a play :)

Here's a preview!

So, how's that for a whole lot of enabling?

Normal update later on.... got to go start dinner etc now :)


Blogger cassi girl said...

Pick the kid of a scrapper there hey!!!! have trained him well to capture the *important* things in life on film for future generations to love & enjoy!!!

Great layout of a great topic. Love it.

Thanks for the info on the sale to look!!

Sandi :)

9:40 pm  

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