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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I'm only gonna tell you this once....

Get your paypal behinds over to ScrapArtist and pick up some gorgeous kits - all for the Apprentice challenge.

Top 5 sellers will get spots in the store, and by the talent going there, that's a sweet deal for the customers....

I'd hate to give away who I bought from... Wouldn't want anyone to feel out of place, but the budget stretched to 3 kits, one of which HAD to be Lisa Whitney's Beautiful Mess. HUGE kit, and totally different/inspirational. Nearly finished downloading it and I'm totally in love. I might even get to scrap with it this week ;)

Ok, community service announcement over....

And hey, Dad, glad you found me again ;) Guess the refresh worked rofl......


Blogger ksharonk said...

Been there ... done that ... just waiting for Paypal to hand over my wins! :)

6:30 pm  
Blogger Sameer said...

Thanks for being on my blog

7:56 pm  
Blogger cassi girl said...

Thanks Cass I too went & HAD to have some stuff. Guess I better use it now!!!
Gotta love a bargain.

Sandi :)

11:22 am  

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