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Whatever doesn't kill me.... makes me stronger. Random snippets from our chaotic lives, to keep the relo's and everyone else out there entertained! ;) Header paper from "Style" by Amy Knepper. Fonts used are Broken 15 and Arial.

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Final destination

Boy, it's been a long time between posts, but I just wanted to update you with my final change of blog address....

My own personal website is at

My blog is at

I do look forward to you visiting me there!



Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Just updating where I live now.....

Over here at wordpress :)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gone a bit quiet.....

It's gone a big quiet around here, but there is plenty of noise going on over HERE.

Pardon the dust, I'm still renovating.

Make sure you change all your links everyone!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Some pretties to share...

Well, it's going to be another busy week. Only one extra shift at work, but I have my hypothermic baby at school swimming which means going there every day that I can to get him dry/dressed, he's blue and his teeth are chattering, even when it isn't cold, like today. Something to do with his core body temperature... and washing out his gear every night, which reminds me, got to put some washing on pretty soon.

So here's me and the boys, courtesy of the weekend's scrapping...

Papers and elements from Gypsy Western by Jomi Designs at ScrapbookGraphics.

Green brads from Jomi's Delight kit. Alpha by Dani Mogstad. Fonts used are Antique type and Times and times again. Alpha stamps by Michelle Coleman. Created in Cs2.

I used one of Jessica Bolton's Eclectic Book pages from ScrapbookGraphics, with some extra pieces from her Make me Eclectic collection.

Stunning cool down photo action from Michelle Pearson.

Fonts used are 3 grammes five and 2 Peas Fancy free. Created in Cs2.

And just for anyone's information, I have a countdown running to our 10th Anniversary... some projects in the works for it, and I'm working on *skips* present. Although I have no idea what to ask for, as I kinda have everything a gal could ever ask for. Great camera, flash, lenses, tripod. Amazing computer/24 inch widescreen monitor, and a 300 gig EHD to call my own. Maybe a couple of hard to get dvd's? There's always jewellery. Can't go wrong there :)

So, its about what, 17 days to go? Too funny. I can't actually work it out! December the 7th if you're interested :) You tell me....

Thursday, November 16, 2006


You need to head on over there very soon..... for 3 excellent reasons.

Number one is Jessica's FANTASTIC new collection from her Make me Eclectic questions....

Here's my first layout from this awesome kit - definitely not my last!

Journalling reads:

There is no manual for motherhood.
However, if there was one, I’m not sure if
this would have been a chapter anyway...
What to do when your child, whom you are
picking up after a rough day at work, says
you have to take three photos of his bucket
of sand. Of course, you don’t have your camera,
and are too tired to go home and get it, so
you have to take the sand home too.....

Layout created with the awesome new Make Me Eclectic collection by Jessica Bolton at ScrapbookGraphics.

Photo treated with Michelle Pearson's amazing Pop Rocks action from SBB

Fonts used are snowshoe and Linenstroke. Created in Cs2.

And the reason number 2 is, of course, for a good sale.....

Check it out!!!

And finally, if all that wasn't temptation enough, Jomi has a new kit out as well... called Gypsy Western. The papers and colours are just stunning - can't wait to get some time off to have a play :)

Here's a preview!

So, how's that for a whole lot of enabling?

Normal update later on.... got to go start dinner etc now :)

Monday, November 13, 2006


Right now I am feeling very humble..... my little mountains turned out to be grains of sand.

There's just so much more I could say right now, but no words really can express my feelings.

Read, watch, and weep along with me.....

Thanks Megan :)

Super sized S*I*G*H

Things are really hard around here at the moment. Issues with the kids, at school and at home. I'm just not really coping with it right now, I've got a deadline looming at me, have had computer stress, thunderstorms, etc.

I'm dying to scrap, but I have to be at work in an hour and a half, so I just don't have time to get started, and that is VERY frustrating. Jess has this amazingly awesome new kit coming out this week and it's calling my name, rather badly. I have 2 album projects on the go at the moment, some stuff I'm altering, and I just can't seem to settle to get any of it done.

Sorry to whine at you all.... :) but I feel a bit better now.

Surely today will get better, cos it's pretty awful right now!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I'm only gonna tell you this once....

Get your paypal behinds over to ScrapArtist and pick up some gorgeous kits - all for the Apprentice challenge.

Top 5 sellers will get spots in the store, and by the talent going there, that's a sweet deal for the customers....

I'd hate to give away who I bought from... Wouldn't want anyone to feel out of place, but the budget stretched to 3 kits, one of which HAD to be Lisa Whitney's Beautiful Mess. HUGE kit, and totally different/inspirational. Nearly finished downloading it and I'm totally in love. I might even get to scrap with it this week ;)

Ok, community service announcement over....

And hey, Dad, glad you found me again ;) Guess the refresh worked rofl......